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Sample of Lait de Vanille

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(Eau de Toilette natural spray)

“Lait de Vanille“ by Chabaud has dedicated itself to the sweet delights of vanilla and triumphs with the seductive
power of delicious desserts. The fragrance titled vanilla milk start with notes of confiture de lait, a French spread for bread made from milk, sugar and vanilla, which is especially popular in South America under the name dulce de leche, where it is used as an ingredient for all kinds of culinary temptations. The heart consists of chocolate-balsamic notes of benzoin that, with a base of vanilla and caramel close the circle perfectly. Resistance is futile: “Lait de Vanille“ captivates from the beginning by its overwhelming and auspicious fragrance notes that are reminiscent of carefree sweet-toothed childhood days. An eau de toilette - delicious enough to eat - with the lightness of memories and the elegance of self-confident enjoyment.

Top Note: Milk
Heart Note: Benzoin
Base Note: Vanilla, Caramel

The Inspiration
Sophie Chabauds “Lait de Vanille“ is a gift full of sweetness, comfort and recovered innocence which reminds us of the
of inner peace and the sense of well-being, which a cup of hot milk, a butter cookie or the taste of vanilla gave us.