Oily Scalp Shampoo by vendor Touché



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(250 ml / 8.45 fl oz)

Active Ingredients: Prickly pear, argan and sesame oils. Other ingredients include keratin protein (cashmere) to improve strength and impart silky softness. Lavender essential oil is used for its healing properties, a natural purifier, it helps control hair loss and encourages re-growth, it also soothes and nourishes. Hamamelis viriginiana leaf, also known as witch hazel, acts as a healing tonic.

Celebrity hairdresser Flavien Abbas, who has worked with Audrey Tautou, Geraldine Chaplin, Marion Cotillard, Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Rampling, has now launched his debut haircare collection, Touché by Flavien. This range of six scalp and hair products combines natural ingredients, including prickly pear oil, and by approaching haircare by scalp type rather than hair type. Products in the collection.


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