Valentine's Day Picks

What is Valentine’s Day without candy? There’s no more iconic Valentine’s treat than Necco Sweethearts, and we were crushed when it was announced that they would not be in production this year. While there are myriad other candies out there to nibble on (Josie, for example, is fond of Reese’s Hearts), there’s nothing that carries the nostalgia and memories of Valentines past like those chalky little hearts! With that in mind, the ladies and man of Osswald NYC decided that we’d reflect on our favorite Sweethearts sayings and pair them with a matching fragrance!

Tanja’s choice: “Crazy4U”

It’s fitting that our glamorous owner would choose one of the coolest phrases found on Conversation Hearts! MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 – one of her signature fragrances – has a distinct, head-turning sillage that’s unmistakable. Candied amber, jasmine, and woods combine to create the sort of scent that will make anyone who smells you utterly obsessed.

Marion's choice: "Kiss Me"

What are words we associate with the lips (and kisses) of those we love? “Sweet”; “Juicy”; “Refreshing” – we could go on and on. Thameen Green Pearl is a fragrance as joyful and exciting as a first kiss. Bright bursts of apple and mandarin orange accompany the warmth of tonka bean and musk to mimic the fuzzy feelings we get when we’re smooched!

Josie's choice: "Txt Me"

It’s no surprise that Josie chose “Txt Me” as her phrase; she spends a lot of time chatting with clients all day, whether via email, social media, or in-store! She’ll always answer if you send her a message. So, what’s a dependable, straightforward fragrance for such a straightforward and dependable mode of communication? Parfums MDCI Ambre Topkapi, a leather and tea scent that requires no contemplation: put it on, and you’ll smell good, guaranteed.

Jose's choice: “Hug Me”

A cuddly phrase deserves a cuddly scent! Profumum Roma Dulcis in Fundo is a perfect choice for hugs and cuddles: who wouldn’t want to snuggle with someone who smells like an orange Creamsicle? Profumum Roma fragrances are renown for their longevity, so the scent will linger with you long after the hug ends.