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Some Love For the Dads!

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, we thought it would be helpful to create a quick gift guide for the various Dads in our lives! Find your Dad below, and we’ll recommend a fragrance for him.

For the casual dad, we recommend Profumum Roma Meringa. Meringa's easy-going citrus and cream vibe means that Dad won't feel too fancy - but he'll still smell great! 
For the dad who likes to smell expensive, we recommend Memo Paris Russian Leather. Russian Leather’s fougere base, overlaid with rosemary and pine, smells as fancy as Dad feels.
For the dad who just realized he should start taking care of his skin, we recommend La Colline Men's Revitalizing Care. The lightweight feel of this moisturizer won’t weigh Dad’s skin down, but it’ll keep him hydrated and looking handsome.
For the "cool" dad, we recommend Amouage Reflection Man. Reflection Man is fresh and creamy, and has an admittedly “young,” carefree feel.
For the "suit and tie" dad, we recommend Mancera Aoud Violet. Aoud Violet’s combination of violet leaf, vetiver, and oud smells as polished and professional as Dad is on the daily.
For the rough and tumble dad who is secretly a softie, we recommend Amouroud Parfums Oud du Jour. While most oud scents are heavy and smoky, Oud du Jour has a delightful fruity accord that softens the oud and cedar base. 
For the dad who can't make up his mind - or doesn't fit into any of these categories! - we recommend an Osswald NYC gift card. Bring him over and we’ll find something perfect for him!