Scent Swap! 10 Scents to Help You Ease Into Niche

One of the biggest questions we hear in-store is
"What's a good niche alternative to (insert a popular department store scent)?"
Whether you're tired of smelling your signature scent on everyone you pass on the street, or you're looking to make the leap from mass-market scents to niche scents (congrats, welcome!), we have tons of suggestions for you based on either pure similarity to a particular scent, or a shared feel between two scents! Here's a selection of ten scents we're consistently asked about, and their niche counterparts!

If you're looking for a niche version of...Acqua di Gio: Parfums M. Micallef Steel Water is fresh, pervasive, and doesn't come with the triggering memories of being in high school and smelling Acqua di Gio everywhere. An apple note gives a surprising crisp sweetness to this aromatic-aquatic fragrance, and it's proven to be a crowdpleaser amongst our male clientele (and Daniel!). 

If you're looking for a niche version of...Tobacco Vanille: Phaedon Tabac Rouge dumps vanilla and substitutes honey, and adds what we affectionately call "yummy baking spices" (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger) to create a long-lasting, warm scent that's not as sweet - but richer and creamier - as its department store cousin.

If you're looking for a niche version of...Aventus: Aventus may be King but Parfums M. Micallef Royal Vintage is, well, just as royal and on its way to usurping the throne! Royal Vintage is darker, smokier, richer, and totally worth investigating if you're sick of smelling Aventus on all of your friends and coworkers.
If you're looking for a niche version of... Light Blue for Her: Il Profumo Fleur de Bambu is a gorgeous aquatic floral that's perfect for the office; bamboo (the flowers and the leaves!) and rice milk offer a unique take on a fragrance style that's found nearly everywhere.

If you're looking for a niche version of...Terre d'Hermes: Parfums M. Micallef The Exception No.1, an Osswald NYC exclusive-scent from the line, has the stony freshness of Terre d'Hermes but adds a healthy dose of black pepper and cocoa. The effect is one that's hard to explain but so sexy and classic: a fragrance that's simultaneously fresh, spicy, and warm. This one in particular is one of Josie's favorite scents in the store!

If you're looking for a niche version of...Flowerbomb: Widian by AJ Arabia Black IV has it all - rich, dark florals (tuberose and jasmine) and a creamy sandalwood base, with a twist rarely found in fragrances: a plum/prune accord! This twist gives Black IV a sensuality that proves unique in comparison to other florals in its shared category.
If you're looking for a niche version of...Coco Mademoiselle: Huitieme Art Manguier Métisse has a similar structure (woody drydown with light and sweet florals) but is arguably more unique. Manguier Metisse uses powdered sugar, mango, frangipani, and sandalwood to create a luscious concoction that's one of our most popular women's scents!

If you're looking for a niche version of...Angel: Il Profumo Chocolat is, well, a rich chocolate scent but lacks the patchouli base that is so polarizing in Angel. Instead, juicy tangerine and creamy vanilla and sandalwood help to create a scent that's truly edible. Really, we've threatened to nibble clients who've tried this on in store!

If you're looking for a niche version of...Tuscan Leather: Parfums de Marly Godolphin is a formidable rich leather scent without the controversial 'cocaine' top notes of Tuscan Leather (Josie would argue that the aforementioned top notes of TL smell like baby aspirin - way less edgy, but hey!). Instead, Godolphin offers a regal, smooth leather amplified by rose and jasmine and a touch of vanilla. The effect is a leather scent that's arguably unisex, super sexy, and both Daniel and Josie's favorite leather in the store!