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Event Photos: A "Toast" with Christopher Chong, Creative Director of Amouage + Celebrity Guests

Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong

Osswald NYC proudly hosted an event celebrating the 'Midnight Flower' candle collection by Amouage' donation to The Humane Society of the United States Friends of Finn committee.

‘The Humane Society of the United States Friends of Finn Committee’, founded by Amanda Hearst, is made up of next generation leaders dedicated to stopping the puppy mill industry. Since its inception in 2010, the committee has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for education and awareness campaigns, and has been the driving force behind rescue missions across the country.

Amanda Hearst attended the celebration, along with Super Star, Cavaller King Charles, “Toast” who made an exclusive appearance alongside Amouage’s Creative Director Christopher Chong to promote the charity. Amouage donated 10000 USD to the Committee from sales of The Midnight Flower Candle Collection.


Tanja-Dreiding-Wallace, Amanda Hearst & Toast at OsswaldTanja-Dreiding-Wallace, Amanda Hearst & Toast

Toast the Dog

Muppett the DogMuppett (above) and celebrity canine owner Katie Sturino (below)

Muppett and celebrity canine owner Katie Sturino at Osswald

The new Amouage 'Midnight Flower' candle collection's "Love'.

Christopher Chong with the women of Europarfum

The new Amouage 'Midnight Flower' candle collection's "Hope'.

Adele Nino, Tanja Dreiding Wallace and Coutre designer Victor dE Souza

Tanja Dreiding Wallace and Michelyn Carmen

Elaine Capone Keay

Joy Hernon of Marie Claire and Christopher Chong

Tanja Dreiding Wallace and Levi Pharaoh

A warm "Thank You" from the staff at Osswald NYC, minus the vacationing Josie!