La Colline Cellular Night Elixer Coming Soon To Osswald NYC

Cellular Night Elixir


A technological tour de force, this biphase regenerating essence wields a dual effect on the skin: the comfort of its precious oils compounded by the revitalizing and soothing capacity of its active ingredients. 
While its lipid phase delivers nutritive and emollient agents, the hydric phase regenerates, soothes and fortifies the tissues for increased firmness.

In the morning, refreshed by the reconstituting power of Cellular Night Elixir’s active ingredients and the mildness of its precious oils, the skin is well-nourished, soothed, strengthened… and glowing with newfound beauty.


Ingredients to Regenerate and Repair:

- Ceramide complex: key components of the intercellular ground substance, these lipids regulate hydration while restoring the cutaneous barrier.
- Physio-activator: stimulates the production of lipids.
- Jojoba and macadamia oils: rich in essential fatty acids.

To reduce irritations
- Bacopa: a plant-derived active ingredient that soothes the irritations of the day and bolsters the skin’s ability to withstand everyday stress factors.

To fortify
- CMAGE® Complex
- Physiological catalyst: four vectorized trace elements and minerals (sodium, magnesium, zinc and manganese), fulfil the cells’ nutritional and energy needs.

To Firm
- HDS System: restructures the skin, boosts its firmness, elasticity and vitality.

Ex-Vivo test:
Increase in thickness of the epidermis: +23 %
In-use test:
Well-nourished, smooth and comfortable skin for 90% of the volunteers
Soothed and better-protected skin for 84%
A pleasurable texture with no residual sticky effect for 97%

* Clinical test conducted on skin explants after application of Cellular Night Elixir for 8 days.

How to use:

Apply at night to the thoroughly cleansed skin. 
Shake well with a rotary motion before use.
Follow with a La Colline cream suitable for the night.
For more severely devitalized skin, apply both morning and night         

Please call us for more information or to pre-sale, the Cellular Night Elixer at 212-625-3111.