Fall Skincare Picks


La Colline: Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment

A perfect hydration boost for Fall! This 28-day cure for dry skin uses three different molecular-weighted Hyaluronic acids for continuous moisture all day long. Use day and night under your favorite moisturizer to boost skin's hydration up to 125% and Hyaluronic acid production by 128%.


Bellefontaine: Nutri-Regeneration Mask

A mask to nourish and energize Fall skin: just like vitamins nourish our body, the Nutri-Regenerating Mask will nourish the skin using anti-wrinkle hexapeptides, nanospheres, a "three teas" complex, soflavones of Iris, a lightening botanical agent, Swiss Glacial Water, and Edelgen. Treat the skin up to two times a week.


Valmont: L'Elixir des Glaciers Teint Precieux

Treat, enrich, and brighten Fall skin. Using the most advanced treatments Valmont has to offer, this is not just a foundation: patented triple DNA, RNA, as well as Echinacea and Seabuckthorn rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and D restore and keep skin cells alive while leaving a beautiful velvet finish.


Alpeor: Ulticell Cream

The perfect Fall skincare solution for regenerating cells, this cream targets wrinkles as well as firms and revitalizes skin tissue using cutting-edge Celper Complex, one of the most recent discoveries in skincare. Using the meristem of a plant, this complex slows the aging process by protecting the cell niche.  Use daily to stop the clock.