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Profumum Roma Create Meringa for Osswald: Swiss Meringue in a Bottle

Four siblings from Rome are conquering the world with their fragrances. Profumum Roma is dedicated to unique memories, emotions and sentiments. The creations are reminiscent of famous places, sweet Italian delicacies, holiday islands with cult status, sunny vacation memories and stories about Rome.

The concentration of essences in each fragrance reaches a minimum of 43% so each perfume morphs into perfume oil which lasts exceptionally long on the skin, resulting in an intense development on the skin in the first 30 minutes after spraying. 

Years of successful collaboration between Profumum Roma and Parfumerie Osswald have culminated in the development of the exclusive MERINGA which smells of sweet meringues – a traditional dessert in Switzerland - with a hint of Vanilla. During the Osswald event Faszination Duft III in Zurich last October the family unveiled the fragrance to the world. Available only at Osswald Zurich and New York.