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Sample of Opulentas

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“Qualis Rex, Talis Grex”

Opulence is defined by the ability to work the room and command your audience.  The richness of your character far supersedes your monetary wealth and material possessions.  Opulentas transforms your aura to create a regal impression and ambiance.  Bright apple and smooth pink pepper in the opening of the composition eventually lend themselves to a heart of natural rose and oud that convey splendor and elegance.  Woods, oakmoss, and exotic amber in the base create the long-lastingness of the fragrance and a finish that is as magnetic and opulent as the fragrance’s opening.  Fit for a king, Opulentas is the fragrance made for everyone who wants to channel their inner royalty. Like king, like people!

Top notes: Apple, Pink Pepper, Lemon

Heart notes: Rose, Cypriol, Natural Oud, Patchouli

Base notes: Amber, Woods, Oakmoss