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The Seven Collection

Sample of Le Cinquieme Parfum

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Choreographed to vitalize the throat chakra, the intimate, mellifluous voice of our body that allows energy from other chakras to be expressed, Le Cinquieme Parfum is the fifth fragrance created by Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupre.  Dramatically potent yet delicate at once, Le Cinquieme Parfum reveals seductive duality, enveloping the spiritual and arousing the physical for shared sacred enlightenment. 

When engaged, Visuddha, the fifth chakra, allows you to search for true knowledge, beyond limitations of time and space. Not confined by gender, Le Cinquieme Parfum elicits sensual freedom giving way to unbridled creativity. Melding the strength of aromatic, resinous woods and the liquid fire of amber with a startling burst of mint, basil and sage, Le Cinquieme Parfum portrays the desire for authenticity in a lover’s eyes, and the blissful revelation of a divine and selfless devotion. Framed by a golden corona of sun-warmed Italian Bergamot woven in a tapestry of velvet musks and Somalian incense, conflict melts away and you dare to open up to a life of infinite possibilities.

After a successful collaboration with distinguished perfumer Yann Vasnier on Le Quatrieme Parfum, Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupre were passionate about working with him again on Le Cinquieme Parfum.  A longtime inspiration for Rochas and Beaupre, Vasnier is the nose behind the most sought-after scents from Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.  He believes that every creation should represent a dimension of subtlety and an aspect of definitive character. Vasnier’s French heritage, vibrant energy and laser-sharp focus shine through in all of his creations.

Creative Director Marc Atlan designed the fragrance’s packaging, with direction from Rochas and Beaupre that they wanted the design to be powerful, minimal and unisex. The bottle they chose has delicate curves and clean lines that evoke sensuality. The outer packaging is constructed of heavy matte black paper with a soft touch that is reminiscent of skin, balancing the softness of the bottle inside.