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Parfumerie Générale

Sample of 18 - Cadjméré

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(Eau de Toilette natural spray)

Cadjmé comes from "Cachemire" and "Mère" (mother in French); the principal element of the fragrance, sandalwood, is often qualified as "maternal wood" for its creamy, warm and comforting nature.

Top notes: Tangerine, aromatic sap

Heart notes: Rosewood, Kenyan cypress resin

Base notes: Sandalwood, ambrette seed, vanilla

Parfumerie Generale Sandalwood with an oriental flavour, textured and shaped to evoke the caressing and delicate qualities of Kashmir.

Sandalwood, a creamy harmony, caressing and comforting like Kashmir.

Creation: 2007

Pierre Guillaume is the young gun among France's top perfumers. PG stands for Pierre Guillaume and for Parfumerie Générale. A perfumer who accepts no limits, for whom the only matter that counts is artistic freedom. He masterfully reunited high-tech and ancient know-how. Poetry and frankness, numbers and sonorous titles circumscribe the unique fragrance collection of Pierre Guillaume.