( 30 ML / 1 OZ )


BELLEFONTAINE Purifying Beauty Essence Ampoules 6x 5ml


This concentrated and generous serum combines efficiency and cosmetic quality. Formulated with a controled number of actives selected for their highly purifying properties that take part in the normalisation of the natural functions of the skin and balance the formation of sebum in the top epidermic layers. A care recommended for combination, oily and impure skins, for the treatment of the unattractive cutaneous imperfections that are due to excessive sebum secretion, to prevent the formation of cutaneous eruptions and encourage their clearance. The skin’s texture is improved and the complexion is mattified. Suitable for oily and impure skin.


Purify / Balance
The mixture of essential oils of Thyme, Sage, Lavender, and Mint creates an anti-septic, purifying, astringent and toning agent. Laminaria saccharina algae extract, or Sacchalamine, along with other biological re-equilibrating agent for problem skin help to balance cutaneous disorders and reduce bacterial proliferation. This is an anti-inflammatory procedure vital to clearing oily skin. Vitamin B6 helps correct skin functions.

Soothe and Condition
Carrageenan or red algae has soothing, moisturizing, and restructuring properties. It forms a thin layer of film, which protects the surface of the skin. Edelweiss extract contains emollient and soothing properties. With its high concentration in flavonoids it fights against the activity of free radicals. Soothing agents, which contain extracts of butcher’s broom, centella asiatica and hydrolysed yeast proteins act together to reduce redness by reinforcing the capillary walls. They calm irritation and feelings of discomfort, which is typical for sensitive skin. It has also been shown to diminish dark circles under the eye area. Alga calm has been shown to have a calming effect, which decreases the activity of sensitive and irritable skins.

Salicylic acid favors exfoliation, thus improves the appearance and balance of the skin.

Usage: In the morning, In the evening


Since 2006, the Swiss luxury care line Bellefontaine meets with growing global success. Bellefontaine combines cutting edge science with the unique power of nature. The highly effective Edelgen complex stimulates the cellular metabolism to the utmost and achieves excellent results in moisture retention, wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity, and the treatment of pigmentation issues.


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