Six Scents Series Three


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No. 6 M by Ohne Titel and Yann Vasnier
The Perfume
“M was a collaborative project with Ohne Titel. Meeting Flora and Alexa, you are immediately struck by the level of ease, familiarity and cohesiveness of their conversation together. They build off each other’s ideas, sharing the same open vision. The same pattern translated for their choice of ingredients and the expression of the fragrance, they both gravitated to the same ingredients we smelled and built together. I started Oh My Deer with a core of leather and an animalic feeling. Alexa and Flora spoke about their rebellious side when growing up, night clubs and late outings, the feeling of warm, slightly sweaty skin. I tried to recreate their attention to intricate tailoring, architecture of design, their care of detail, all these very feminine aspects using these strong and signature materials like cardamom, safraleine, and leather.“ - Yann Vasnier, perfumer
Top Notes: Cardamom absolute
Heart Notes: Cedarwood atlas orpurTM, touch of black plum
Bottom Notes: Tonka beans Venezuela, castoreum, civet, musks : moxaloneTM captive, cosmoneTM

Six Scents: Series Three is an exploration into the nature of childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity. It features unisex fragrances from designers Alexis Mabille, Mary Katrantzou, Junn.J, Rad Hourani, N.Hoolywood, and Ohne Titel in collaboration with perfumers from Givaudan. Each keepsake box contains an individually numbered bottle, an exclusive portrait by Robert Knoke and DVD with the Six Scents: Series Three documentary and short films exclusively commissioned from Alia Raza (story edited by Tavi Gevinson and starring Julia Restoin-Roitfeld), Rainer Judd, Olaf Breuning, Sue De Beer, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Heather Sommerfeld, Tim Richardson, Lucas Michael and James Widegren. Each fragrance is offered in a limited quantity of 3,000 bottles and a percentage of proceeds will go towards War Child International, which works with children all over the world to reduce poverty, to provide education and to defend their rights.

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