Histoire d'Eaux


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(100ml/3.4oz Eau de Parfum natural spray)

Not always a love story brings happiness. Our chansonnier can't forbear to remember a wonderful and a bit cruel woman...or maybe she was not that much in love. This fact lights up in him an attraction, almost obsessive, that doesn't leave anything behind, except a red rose abandoned on a piano...

A feminine and timeless fragrance, like the flower that it evoques: the rose. The bitter notes of cassis blend into the freshness of bergamot and into the velvety sensuality of peach. Poudry touches of iris and violet that takes us back in time...the depth of vetiver and the brightness of musk wrap the warm and sweet notes of amber and vanilla.

Top notes: rose, cassis, bergamot
Heart notes: peach, iris, violet
Base notes: vetiver, musk, amber, vanilla

Philipp Bousseton the perfumer of L'important c'est la rose: first contact with the world of fragrances is at the age of five. In fact, his grandfather was a perfumer. Fascinated by perfumery, he began to study chemistry. In 1971 he was one of five students from the ISIPCA, a perfumery school that had just opened. In 1982 the turning point, he becomes part of Takasago, a new name in the European world of fragrances, with Pierre Bourdon and Michel Almairac.

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