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(75 ml / 2.5 oz. natural spray)

Barbarian invasion is inspired from the great invasion that started during the 3rd century in Europe when the Francs, the Aleman, the Saxon, the Huns, the Avars, the Bulgarians, the Germans, the Goth and the Vandals invaded, looted and destroyed the Roman Empire. 

The fresh, spicy and aromatic is the signature fragrance of MDCI and perfectly expresses the virility of the masculine bust.

Head notes: bergamot, grapefruit, ginger, thyme

Heart notes: cardamom, lavender, violet leaves

Base notes: cedar, vanilla, musk

Born in Paris, Bakouche is a young and passionate designer of fragrance in love with fragrance from her childhood. Graduated from ISIPCA (the one and only fragrance designing school in Versailles) in 2002 she signs with Invasion Barbare her first fragrance.

"One of the top two or three fragrances in this genre on the face of earth." -Luca Turin





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