Brand Bellefontaine presented a truly stellar product - caviar, collagen mask for the eye contour Golden Caviar Collagen Eye Mask Treatment. Its main ingredient - extract of beluga caviar, which is a source of biologically active amino acids, phospholipids, vitamins, trace elements and DNA. Each of these components has on the skin a range of actions: nourishes and strengthens, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves elasticity, making skin visibly firmer, smoother and taut.

Activator bottle dropper-dispenser is packaged in a velvet box with a silk bed with five removable sets, porcelain and a bowl of tweezers that are used during the preparation of a mask.

Application: Put the Eye patch in the saucer and wet with the GOLDEN ACTIVATOR. Place under the eyes for 15 minutes and rinse with fresh water or tone.


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