Fleur de Figuier by vendor Chabaud




(Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.4oz natural spray)

“Fleur de Figuier“ by Chabaud conjures up a picture of spring and summer on the Mediterranean and the powerful, unleashed green that gives life to nature. In “Fleur de Figuier“ there is a beautiful composition of green notes gathered in various iridescent shades: from the earthy power of delicate roots to the rich foliage of majestic trees. The heart beats for its protagonist, the fig, which with its characteristic fruity-green aroma tantalizes both nose and palate at the same time. New shades of green are brought by conifers and are flanked by herbaceous lavender. Above it all the fig sits enthroned with an almost minty appearing aureole. Cedar and sandalwood keep this explosion of life and thoughtfully in check. The fragrance creation “Fleur de Figuier“ pays homage to the warm season in the Mediterranean by responding to this with timeless elegance, freshness and softness.

Top Note: Green Notes
Heart Note: Fig, Pine, Lavender
Base Note: Cedawood, Sandalwood

The Inspiration
This fragrance expresses all of Sophie Chabaud’s love for her home in the South of France and also her admiration
of the Mediterranean landscapes of Montpellier, where she lives. A reminder of the leisure hours of the summer, slumbering in the shade of a fig tree.

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