Cellcosmet / Cellmen


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( 5 sachets: 3 ML of serum per patch) 

Relaxing Smoothing Cellular Sheet Masks, pre-moistened with Cellular Serum with Hyaluron Expert Complex

An intensely pure, relaxing collagen matrix, drenched in active stabilized bio-integral cells with an expert Hyaluron complex and dermo-relaxing, plumping peptide complexes. Exceptional due to its immediate and long-lasting effect, this youth-concentrated mask for the eye contour area is rich in high-performance and precious ingredients. Acting in symbiosis, these ingredients deliver a global visible anti-aging effect.

·       Instantly smooth and re-plump the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

·       Significantly attenuate eye dark circles and puffiness

·       De-fatigue and smooth expression lines

·       Revitalize and restore a toned appearance to the eyelids

·       Hypoallergenic, formulated to minize risk allergic reactions 

From the first application, results are dramatically visible after just 15-20 minutes. To be used when required or as a five-day treatment. All sachets are ready to use, and single use only. Cyto-Cosmeceutical. For all skin types, from age 20.

Cellcosmet and Cellmen define a new generation of skin care products for men and women based on cellular cosmetology. The highly concentrated formulas revitalize and rejuvenate the entire cell metabolism. The use of stabilized bio-integral cells in combination with 100% pure natural plant and marine extracts constitutes the science behind this skincare line that meets highest Swiss standards. 

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