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Kjær Weisis, created by Danish-born, New York based make-up artist Kirsten Kjær Weis, is a visiinary brand that recognizes health and beauty equally with color cosmetics made with the highest quality safe, natural & organic ingredients without compromising on luxury or design! Kjær Weis products are CCPB certified organic. Ingredients which cannot be certified organic are wild-crafted or natural.


Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Compact is a clean and organic cream blush that give skin a beautifully fresh glow to create a youthful sun-kissed look.The hydrating, soft formula gently melts with the warmth of the fingers. Creme Blush is gently scented with Vanilla from Madagascar.


"Desired Glow" is ideal for Light to Medium skin tones- a subtle bronze tone that gives the sense of a fresh tan. Perfect when applied to the apple of the cheek, and easily blendable with the heat of the fingers. Adds youthfulness to skin, no matter what age you are. With Desired Glow you can create the illusion of a post-holiday complexion, with a glow that is youthful and radiant.


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