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(75 ml / 2.5 oz. natural spray)

Although the heroine of Puccini's opera suffers a tragic fate, Cio Cio San - Madame Butterfly - begins her story in the thralls of youthful love and anticipation. This scent evokes the happiness and hope with which Cio Cio San began her ill-fated marriage, cherry blossoms and lychee providing a beautiful sweet, floral backdrop. 

Head notes: Yuzu, limette, lemon, ginger, grapefruit

Heart notes: Cherry blossom, peony, lychee, oolong tea

Base notes: Gaiac, cedarwood, musk

Cio Cio San was created by Cecile Zakorian, who previously created Nuit Andalouse for Parfums MDCI and is responsible for other fragrances such as Amouage Epic Woman, Madja Bekkali Mon Nom est Rouge, and Masque Milano Tango.


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