Cellular Vital Cream by vendor La Colline




( 30 ML / 1 OZ )

CMAge Complex, HDS System, Camelina oil, and anti-oxidizing vitamin E are harmoniously combined together to inhibit the slowing of the cell's vital activities. The face looks fuller and firmer, as though transformed.

CMA® Complex Extract of Swiss Alpine Plantago: softening, astringent, antioxidant and healing

La Colline combines Swiss perfection and advanced technological know-how in a unique care line for face and body. The exclusive CMAge complex activates cell metabolism and provides an impressive supply of oxygen, water and energy to the cells resulting in radiantly fresh skin at any age. Nativage is the outstanding innovation of 2011 in the field of facial care worldwide. Using a revolutionary ingredient of mineral origin Swiss researchers successfully and for the first time ever transformed free radicals into water and oxygen.


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