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(45ml/1.52oz Eau de Parfum natural spray)

Anbar is the Arabic word for "amber," from which the English word was derived. The word originally referred to the precious substance obtained from whales known as ambergris.

As he cast his net into the open sea and hoisted it up from the water, his eyes fell upon a mythical beauty. He was captivated. She was a mermaid. Anbar is a rich, inviting unisex fragrance that is reminiscent of a new love; curious, exciting and fiercely intimate.

Top notes: apple, plum, strawberry and orange
Middle notes: carnation, orris, jasmine and cinnamon
Base notes: cedar, patchouli, siam benzoin, labdanum, incense, tonka bean, vanilla, white musk and ambergris.

Tola: a unit of weight of India equal to 180 grains troy or 0.375 ounce troy (11.7 grams)
Tola, as a unit of measure, predates the metric system. In the year 1833, it was exactly equal to the mass of a silver rupee. It’s now used to measure gold and other rare and precious items. A Tola embodies dazzling joy, radiant hope, the glorious Midas touch of eternal bliss!

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