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( 50 ML / 1.7 OZ )

This absolute youth concentrate - thanks to its composition enriched in active ingredients and to the unique structure of its formula - brings an instant toning effect while ensuring absolute and nourishing comfort to the skin. As a powerful Elixir, NATIVAGE Le Sérum "wakes up" the skin and increases the cell's receptiveness to the exceptional NATIVAGE La Crème.

Perfectly oxygenated and hydrated, the skin is dynamized with renewed firmness and radiance.

Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, revealing a lustrous complexion. Brimming with newfoundenergy, the face emanates youthful beauty.


The Cell Life Extender: A mineral molecule that achieves the technical feat of transforming free radicals into vital substances needed for maintaining the skin's youthful beauty: water and oxygen.

The CMAGE® Complex: the new generation of La Colline Anti-Aging Complexe composed of:

1) A bioactive complex combined with a micro-alga to increase oxygenation and stimulate the mitochondria (the cells' "power generators") and boost protein synthesis.

2) Hyaluronic acid with its high molecular weight bolsters and preserves cutaneous hydration.

3) A complex of ceramides was selected for its special affinity with the skin, It melt into the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis to repair and strenghthen it.


For 100%, the skin is more comfortable and better protected

For 97%, the skin is regenerated, firmer and better toned

For 93%, the skin is softer and more radiant


To extend your pleasure, discover the exceptional NATIVAGE Signature Treatment. A one hour and a half multi-sensory experience, which combines specific motions for the face and the back. The enchanting ceremony of a pure relaxing moment is completed by the application of a collagen mask with hydrating, regenerating and revitalizing properties, which ideally prepares the skin to the NATIVAGE Duo.

A unique and performing application ritual that ensures the optimum penetration of active ingredients.

The beauty transformation is both real and intense: wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, skin is radiant, complexion est revified and the skin recovers its firmness and comfort

La Colline combines Swiss perfection and advanced technological know-how in a unique care line for face and body. The exclusive CMAge complex activates cell metabolism and provides an impressive supply of oxygen, water and energy to the cells resulting in radiantly fresh skin at any age. Nativage is the outstanding innovation of 2011 in the field of facial care worldwide. Using a revolutionary ingredient of mineral origin Swiss researchers successfully and for the first time ever transformed free radicals into water and oxygen.


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