Cell White Flash by vendor La Colline




( Set of 9 )

In keeping with its philosophy of exceptional skincare, La Colline has developed a WHITE FLASH White Intensive Treatment which which, for the first time:  

- Delivers 1 selective action to lighten dark spots for a more even, unified complexion. 

- Targets 2 pigments which trigger the formation of dark spots caused by melanin and lipofucin.

- Proposes 3 synergistic steps for exponential lightening effects. 

 The complexions exudes a magnificent radiance, resplandent with youthful beauty. 

Step 1, reveling : Radiance Revealing Essence

With its marvellous exfoliating effect, it cleanses and devoid dead cells. Perfectly prepared, the skin is completely receptive to the subsequent steps in the treatment. 

CMAGE® Complex: Oxygenation, Protection and Hydration.

A blend of fruit acids, including lactic acid: which stimulate cellular regeneration

Step 2, clarify: Complexion Clarifying Serum

Thanks to the White Activator, complexion is fairer and more radiant. The face glows with newfound youthful beauty.

CMAGE® Complex: Oxygenation, Protection and Hydration.

Vitamin C : chosen for its lightening and anti-free radical power. 

Zinc PCA : facilitates the transport of Vitamin C to the heart of cells. 

Step 3, unify: Anti-Dark Spot Unifying Cream

The selective actions on pigmentation flaws help visibly reduce the difference in tone between dark spots and the rest of the face, for a perfectly even complexion

CMAGE® Complex  :  Oxygenation, Protection and Hydration.

LUX-Factor (Lightening Ultimate X-Factor) : inhibites the enzyme responsible for communication signals which activate the process of melanin production; blocking the production of free radicals while stimulating the proteasomes, the cell's cleaning and recycling system that digests cellular residues, hence eliminating lipofucin.

La Colline combines Swiss perfection and advanced technological know-how in a unique care line for face and body. The exclusive CMAge complex activates cell metabolism and provides an impressive supply of oxygen, water and energy to the cells resulting in radiantly fresh skin at any age. Nativage is the outstanding innovation of 2011 in the field of facial care worldwide. Using a revolutionary ingredient of mineral origin Swiss researchers successfully and for the first time ever transformed free radicals into water and oxygen.


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