Skin•Ology Cellular Facial Anti-aging Programme by vendor La Colline



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A five-week restorative anti-aging cure in three steps to be followed once per week. It promises spectacular results: skin looks younger, smooth, soft, supple, fresh and radiant, with no trace of fatigue. Your complexion is lustrous.

Step 1: Renew Cellular Modelling Bio-Peel

An ultra-mild enzymatic exfoliation compatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its innovative gel-like texture transforms into an oil for a "radiance activating massage" exclusive to La Colline. It gently eliminates dead cells while instantly smoothing skin and making it more radiant. Your skin is perfectly prepared to receive maximum benefits from the subsequent steps. 

Protease and Subtilisin: keratolytic 
Rose tree oil (rich in essential fatty acids): regenerating and anti-aging 
Glycerin: moisturizing*

Step 2: Revitalize Cellular Face Energizing Collagen Mask

This anti-aging collagen mask, compatible with even the most sensitive skin, permeates the cutaneous tissues with powerful regenerating agents thanks to its perfect affinity with the skin. In addition to a spectacular rehydrating* and regenerating action on the epidermis, it restores the tissues' firmness and tone, and exerts a visible, lasting replumping effect. Your skin looks refreshed and energized, with a radiant complexion, from the very first application. 

Pure Collagen: regenerating and emollient 
Allantoin: moisturizing* 
Papaya and Sage: healing, astringent and stimulating 
Undaria pinnatifida algae extract: revitalizing 
Ginkgo biloba
: stimulating and restructuring


Step 3: Illuminate Cellular Intense Radiance Serum

An ongoing biological exfoliation whose anti-wrinkle action is visible on superficial fine lines in the first hour after application.  This serum visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines by filling them in from the inside, and instantly smoothes skin for a more uniform cutaneous relief. Your complexion is lustrous and your skin recovers its youthful look.

Protease and Subtilisin: keratolytic 

Marine-derived wrinkle-filling spheres: anti-wrinkle 

Mica particles, Micro-beads: light-reflecting agents 

Vitamin E: antioxidant

La Colline combines Swiss perfection and advanced technological know-how in a unique care line for face and body. The exclusive CMAge complex activates cell metabolism and provides an impressive supply of oxygen, water and energy to the cells resulting in radiantly fresh skin at any age. Nativage is the outstanding innovation of 2011 in the field of facial care worldwide. Using a revolutionary ingredient of mineral origin Swiss researchers successfully and for the first time ever transformed free radicals into water and oxygen.


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