Dermatosic by vendor Valmont




(30 ml / 1 oz)

A treatment solution, DERMATOSIC specifically addresses minor skin problems of inflammatory origin. In just a few days, it helps reduce redness, calm irritation, soothe feeling of discomfort and eliminate flaking. The complexion appears more even; skin regains softness and calm.

Active Ingredients: Swiss Therapeutic Water (soothing and calming), Dermatosic Complex (treats superficial skin disorders of inflammatory origin), Lactic Acid Ester (gentle keratolytic agent which helps eliminate flaky skin), Glycyrrhetinic Acid (soothes irritation, relieves redness and softens skin).

Valmont is the specialist in skin care from Switzerland, exploring the physiological aging of skin and its consequences since 1905. A combination of active molecules, premium plant extracts and pure alpine glacier water from the Swiss canton of Valais define the youth of our skin in a new dimension. Impressive new product developments underline the Valmont brand's competence in skin care.


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