Astier de Villatte


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(260 g / 9.17 oz)

The splendour of the Palais Garnier. Ballet movements in the Great Hall: entrechats, pas de deux, ronds de jambes upon sumptuous parquet floors, polished with beeswax. Richly upholstered foyers reach to the very roof of the Opera, where thick streams of honey are collected from hives which spread the giddying notes of beeswax absolute, made sublime by minute additions of sandlewood and styrax resin.

The sober and chic glass container, hand-blown in Tuscany, are destined to become collector's items.

With its original collection of scented candles Astier de Villatte invites you on a tour of the world through olfactory experience. Discover and explore thirty destinations through country specific interpretations. The candles come in white signature Astier de Villatte porcelain.


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