Cotton jar Silver and Obsidian by vendor Cristal et Bronze



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This exceptional hand made artistic object, combines brass covered with silver and obsidian stone. Each piece is assembled in the manufacture of Chateau Landon in France, since 1937.

Obsidian is vitreous volcanic rock, which occurs when acidic lava cools suddenly. Actually there are a few deposits in the world and not all stones are of sufficient quality to be cut. Cristal et Bronze has selected Obsidian from Armenia, one of the purest of all. Since Antiquity, Obsidian has been reputed for its protective powers.

Gold is applied on Bronze using an electrolysis technique, it’s a long and painstaking task. The electrolysis technique consists in plunging the piece of bronze in a bath of chemical containing gold particles. A direct electric current is then applied between the liquid solution and the piece of metal. Slowly, one by one, each particle of gold is electrically “glued” to the Bronze.

Luxury for the bathroom.


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