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(100 ml/3.5oz Eau de parfum natural spray)

Warming balsam for the soul.

Head notes: fresh, fruity chords.
tangerine, blood orange, cardamom, nutmeg, apricot, coconut

Heart notes: subtle floweriness of rose wood, pimento, iris, orchid, lily of the valley.

Base notes: perfectly harmonized with balsamic, woody, and ambery tones.
styrax, vanilla, cinnamon, tonka bean, cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli,
sandal wood, ambergris, musk

Created by Egon Oelkers

Harmony. Subtle opulence. Well-traveled with stopovers in New York, Paris, Geneva and Hamburg. Egon Oelkers sees himself as a man of discreet luxury which leads to extremely sophisticated compositions.

His style: Finely Balanced. Synergies of flowers, fruits, spices, and fine woods.

biehl.parfumkunstwerke considers itself as a gallery for olfactory works of art. It offers a creative space where the art of perfume may be cultivated anew. Free from commercial pressures, with no need to please the masses or consider the findings of market research. To meet his standards of quality, originality and sensuality in the present moment, Thorsten biehl, guiding spirit and father of the gallery, attracts the most creative minds in the trade and encourages them to forge ahead with uncompromising enthusiasm and the boldness to be radical.


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