Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment by vendor La Colline



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Formulated for deeply moisture-starved skin, Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment, 28-day cure treatment, offers a marvellous technological breakthrough in cutaneous hydration.
Results? The skin is instantly rehydrated and maintains its moisture all day long. In less than one month, skin is radiant, extremely supple and the visible signs of dehydration are smoothed away. Deeply moisturized, the skin looks fuller, more radiant and wonderfully replumped. 3 different molecular-weighed Hyaluronic Acids for Optimum Hydration.

Test and Results:

Hyaluronic acid production in skin is increased by 128%

The skin Hydration is increased in the first hour by 125% and 41% in 8 hours

Skin is suppler and fully hydrated by 95% 
Dehydration signs are smoothed away by 85%
Skin is radiant by 80%


Your order of La Colline, Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment will include free Shipping on orders of $150 or more. Add something special and targeted to your skincare routine with this selection of treatments for the face, eyes, and neck.

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