Peregrina by vendor Thameen



(50ml/1.7oz parfum natural spray)

Thameen’s newest fragrance Peregrina takes its name from “La Peregrina”, the most valuable (and famous) pearl in the world. This perfectly-shaped centuries-old pearl was prized by Spanish royalty and later treasured by actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Peregrina oozes royalty, stardom and sensuality. At its heart, the notes of opulent myrrh, alluring vanilla and the aphrodisic ylang ylang flowers are carefully crafted together with rich aromas from the east, Rose Damascene, jasmine, and gardenia, and aromatic base notes of amber and white musk. Peregrina extrait de perfum is as enticing and seductive as a tropical garden on a warm summer’s evening!

Top notes: Rose Damescena, Lily of the Valley accord, Gardenia, Jasmine

Heart notes: Vanilla, Amber, Caramel, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang

Base notes: White musk, Amber, Powder accord

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Thameen, meaning "precious", has been inspired by the world’s most enchanting jewels and scents - and the colorful tales behind them. As symbols of status, religion, wealth, beauty, and love, both jewelry and fragrance have enjoyed a long and close relationship. From ancient tribes to haute couture, they have both been central to civilization.

Thameen marries the two.

Thameen is a niche luxury British brand, which combines Eastern opulence with Western refinement.

Thameen is born from an obsession with beautiful fragrance oils, teamed with the vision to construct elegant, original and contemporary fragrances. Each central ingredient has been painstakingly sourced to ensure that it is of the most exquisite quality and has been combined to create precious Extrait Parfums of very high concentration.

The perfume structures are pure and simple to let these rare ingredients sing, each applied with elegance and refinement to delight fragrance connoisseurs around the world.

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