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(100ml/3.4oz Eau de Parfum natural spray)


Le Premier Parfum is the first fragrance created by Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupré.


Neither conventionally “feminine” nor “masculine,” Le Premier Parfum is a woodsy floral scent that’s distinctive, compelling and seductive. The warm and carnal fragrance is meant to elicit desire in the wearer, and in those he or she encounters, by activating the sacral chakra – the energy located beneath the naval that unlocks sensuality and eros.


Breaking with convention, the architects of the fragrance sought a minimalism that leaves room for mystery and interpretation. The formula of Le Premier Parfum is very minimal, like a piece of modern art, and therefore does not have traditional top, heart and base notes. The fragrance engages seven raw materials associated with Swadisthana, the sacral chakra.


Heady notes of ylang ylang, various species of sandalwood, and resinous labdanum embody an androgynous and polymorphous sensuality, registering desire in the olfactory dimension. Thus, Le Premier Parfum is not merely a fragrance, but an aphrodisiac. It harnesses the power of scent — the most unmediated and deeply intimate of the human faculties — to unite lovers in an irrational and convulsive attraction.

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