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(Eau de Parfum natural spray)

A marine poem composed wave after wave...

Entre ciel et mer ("Between sky and sea") tells a story of Etesian winds, azure skies, and flying over seascapes at top speed. Icy, soaring, and powerful: the first whiff feels as though it had been sculpted out of the Meltem - the north wind that blows over the Aegean Sea. It has notes of crumpled, water-splashed leaves and the fruity-aromatic nuances of a lavender, pear, and white thyme accord.

The scent's naturalistic seawater effect is achieved through a molecular distillation of algae from the Pacific, with iodic and animalic notes of white lichen and ambergris. The dry, almost mineral facets are balanced out with cedar moss and sandalwood from New Caledonia. 

A strikingly novel interpretation of marine fragrances.

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Born in Clermont, Pierre Guillaume was a young 25-year-old chemist when he composed his first fragrance, COZÉ 02.

This “Spicy Tobacco” accord, inspired by the contents of a precious cigar case owned by his father, received critical acclaim from the fragrance blogosphere, which brought it to the attention of professional buyers all around the world.

After New York Times perfume critic Chandler Burr praised “the young French chemist who concocted the coolest new European fragrances”, marked the commercial debut of the Collection Parfumerie Generale by Pierre Guillaume.

In 2010, the perfumer founded Pierre Guillaume Diffusion and set up a production facility comprising a composition studio, a cellar for raw materials and a packaging line solely dedicated to manufacturing the fragrances conceived by Pierre Guillaume.

A second facility was inaugurated in 2015 to handle the company’s logistics.

Pierre Guillaume enjoys complete artistic and financial freedom to create his perfumes collection's in his own studios and workshops, under the brand Pierre Guillaume Paris.

(description borrowed from the Pierre Guillaume website)

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