(100ml/3.4oz Eau de Parfum high concentration natural spray) 

The spectacular Oriental scent is inspired by the pageantry of the Moroccan Fantasia, an equestrian joust under the burning sun. With its ambery, animalic and floral facets, Moroccan labdanum resinoid dominates the composition. The warm radiance of coca leaves, citrus and ginger sheds its light on a woody, balsamic and smoky base of cocoa, vetiver, guaiac wood and Copahu balsam.

As powerful and majestic as galloping thoroughbred.

Top note: ginger
Heart notes: labdanum, cocoa beans, vetiver
Base notes: Copahu balsam, guaiac wood


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The house of Phaedon was founded by two Parisian aesthetes, A. Phillipe & M. Stromberg. A zoomorphic emblem representing two Assyrian griffins crowns the legendary Phaedon of Elis. Born in Elis, Greece in 400 B.C., then captured by Spartans and bought by an Athenian slave trader. He was serving meal when one of the guests asked his new master a question. Phaedon was the one who answered the guest, who was none other than Socrates. Dazzled by Phaedon's wit and beauty, the philosopher bought the young man and made him his disciple. Phaedon's scents, composed by guest perfumers, come in either eau de toilette or highly concentrated eau de parfum.

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