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(125 ml/4.2oz Eau de parfum natural spray)

This sensual fragrance is built mainly around a 'sandalwood' theme that is warm, with a hint of vanilla, creating a scent that is soothing and rich. Aromas of vanilla, dark patchouli, and opoponax blend together. 

The blend distills its aura of spicy mystery through a delicate play on its accents of nutmeg, saffron, and tonka bean. On the skin this rich, densely textured creation ultimately reveals itself as irrepressibly joyful.


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In the 18th century, France lead the world of perfume, Louis XV's court was nicknamed "The Perfumed Court". The King requested a different scent for his apartment every day and steams of aromatic scents sprung from the castle fountains. Parfums de Marly relived lavish receptions and festivities organized in the Marly castle by the court in honor of the horses where Ambassadors and members of the Royal court were invited. Parfums de Marly revives this memory of splendor with a collection of fragrance directly inspired by the greatest perfumers of the 18th century.

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