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(75 ml eau de parfum)

A heart-shaped atoll, which is accessible only from the air. Surrounded by a powerful and mysterious ocean. Hour after hour, it takes on all the hues of light blue, dark blue and green. Languid turquoise lagoons, white sands and crystal-clear water. Sea-beds like rainbows with fish and corals. Dizzying colours, cobalt waves, racing clouds. Effects of the light, nuances and depths. At sunset, the sun sets the horizon on fire with violet and pink. And when the last ray evaporates, a light breeze brings perfumes of flowers and vanilla. Soft beauty that reconnects with the universe. When the last ray of the sun evaporates, scents of jasmine rise from the gardens of Tupai, pre-announcing a heart of rose and iris. A floral bouquet that seems never to wilt and which blends with delicate artemisia, to come to rest on an amber-infused base, as warm as the sea at sunset, as pleasant as very fine sand. Here, the sweetness of vanilla smooths the woody accents of vetiver and patchouli, offering the composition softness and warmth. Leaving a sensation of rebirth on the skin.

Top notes: jasmine, citrus
Heart notes: rose, pepper, orris, artemisia
Base notes: vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, elemi, amber, tonka bean, cedarwood, white musk


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