Labyrinthe Vert Elixir Oud by vendor Milèo



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The Skin Refiner
Inspired by the green garden mazes of Versaille, Labyrinthe Vert’s refining
ingredients clear the way for all skin tones. Infused with clarifying and soothing
French violet leaf, just a few drops diminish redness, zap oiliness, fade
discolorations, and firm up lines and wrinkles. Magnolia blossom, zdravets flower
and sandalwood leaves skin looking luminous — fresh, smooth, youthful — and
enchantingly aromatic. Labyrinthe Vert’s brightly green floral scent boosts
independence and uplifts confidence.
Every MILÈO product is empowered by wild harvested Oud, extracted from 100-
year-old Southeast Asian Agarwood trees. Oud acts on every sign of aging and
naturally restores skin back to its vital, smooth and radiant self.
Only premium plant materials and flowers in their pure and powerfully active
form are used in every bottle - 3000 flowers per bottle to be exact. Every
ingredient is transported overnight in glass and stocked in small batches. A stock
of only 35 bottles per run, allow for quality control and product potency.

How to Use
Dispense 3 drops of ELIXIR OUD on to palm after cleansing ritual.
Warm between hands and massage on damp skin to help absorb all the nutrients.
Cup hands over nose and take 5 deep breaths.
Can be layered after serums, and before creams, day and night.

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Tired of chemicals and harmful ingredients, MILÈO founder Matthew Mileo had a big ambition: create a luxurious, aromatic, completely organic skincare line that would prove to the world that pure can be powerful.

Inspired by the finding of a magical anti-aging ingredient, Oud, known for its restorative and soothing qualities, he originally designed Elixir Oud to help his cancerstruck godmother reclaim her vitality. He soon realized, however, that the ingredients he’d carefully sourced and picked, the ones his godmother raved about, could repair the skin and relax the mind for everyone.

MILÈO NEW YORK only uses premium, wildcrafted and ethically farmed plant materials. Every bottle is guaranteed to be free of refinements, petrochemicals, or inactive ingredients. As aromatic as they are effective, the Elixir Oud face oils are to be admired for their scent as much as their effectiveness.

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