Cellular Revitalizing RICH Care by vendor La Colline




This treatment brings a sensation of immediate freshness to the skin without leaving a greasy film, and helps it to recover after shaving (vitamin B5) while providing the essential trace elements to energize it.

For days when the skin craves more comfort, the Revitalizing Cellular Care also comes in a rich version. The skin is nourished, firmed, and more toned and revitalized. Created especially for the skin of men, the texture of this treatment is both dense and airy, to offer the desired comfort while leaving a matte finish on the skin.

• The skin is smoothed 90%
• Wrinkles and fine lines are faded 81%
• The skin is as revitalized 90%
• The skin is firmed 95%
• Fatigue marks are dimmed 90%
• The skin looks younger 86%

• The skin is comfortable 90%
• The skin is velvety 90%
• The skin is nourished 100%

* Test of use on 22 men between 40 and 65 years old applying the treatment twice a day for 28 days.

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Swiss Quality sold exclusively in U.S. at Osswald  

Swiss precision for men

Technically sophisticated active ingredients, expertise in cellular metabolism, specially-developed textures: the Cellular For Men anti-aging line comprises four innovative and complementary skincare products to help men achieve impeccable skin, youthful-looking and brimming with energy.

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