Histoire d'Eaux


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(100ml/3.4oz Eau de Parfum natural spray)

The indian summer is a magical moment of the year... for a few days in autumn a sort of heat wave occurs just before the wintry cold. A small trick that nature plays on us. Our chansonnier describes in this perfume a mood at the same time bizarre and beautiful: a remembrance of intense moments filled with sensuousness, before a separation.

Top notes: elemi, lemon, bergamot
Heart notes: geranium, clary sage, patcouli
Base notes: styrax, cistus labdanum, tolu.

Dominique Gindre the perfumer of Été Indien discovers the world of perfumesat Marionnaud, when still a student. After completing his studies in biochemistry following an internship at Christian Dior also accessing the archives of the house.This experience led him to attend ISIPCA thus beginning his course of study to explore modern perfumery.

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This is the tale of a charming song writer, who shared his music in the bistrots of Paris: a life time filled with passions, lovers, memories... Everyone embraced in a song. Each caressed by a perfume. And all this has generated some sort of magic, a mix between music and unexpected fragrances inspired by past love, timeless song. Perfumes, passions and music, still alive in the memory of this charming and mysterious artist, reborn so, in these perfumes. Their names give us moods and moments of real life in which we can recognize ourselves.

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