03 - Cuir Venenum by vendor Parfumerie Générale



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(100 ml / 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum natural spray)

An ingredient used in cosmetics (coconut polyalcohol) that acts as an emollient, used for its scent that reminds one of the human skin and that helps penetrate the leathery fragrance like a venom to leave a powerful trail.

Top notes: Absolute of Nabeul orange blossom

Heart notes: Leather "skin" tamanu oil

Base notes: Moroccan cedar, honey, musk, myrrh

Following a show by fashion designer Jean - Claude Jitrois, the perfumer was seduced by the fragrance left lingering on a black model's skin by a leather sheath dress... A disturbing harmony that reminds us all that leather was once a living thing. 

Creation: 2004

Pierre Guillaume is the young gun among France's top perfumers. PG stands for Pierre Guillaume and for Parfumerie Générale. A perfumer who accepts no limits, for whom the only matter that counts is artistic freedom. He masterfully reunited high-tech and ancient know-how. Poetry and frankness, numbers and sonorous titles circumscribe the unique fragrance collection of Pierre Guillaume.


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