The N°2 - Exclusively for Osswald NYC by vendor M. Micallef


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(100ml/3.4oz Eau de Parfum natural spray)

The No.2 for Osswald NYC is the follow-up to the much-missed The No.1; the fragrance was composed by Geoffrey Nejman from a brief provided by our very own Josie. 

While The No.1 was a sweet, fresh vanillic oud, this latest scent is richer, deeper, and darker. The oud accord has been amped up, and the florals (rose and jasmine) much more noticeable. The saffron and plum has been preserved, as well as the delectable vanilla drydown.

Josie describes The No.2 for Osswald NYC as the "older sibling" of The No.1, ready to go out at night. 


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