Da Vinci Eyeliner Sable-Classic by vendor Da Vinci



suitable for applying

  • Kohl
  • humid powder and liquid eyeliner


  • the perfect brush for expressive eyes
  • precise application, easy to vary between fine and larger lines
  • the result is a perfect and lasting eyelid line


  • easy handling thanks to selective colour application
  • draws precise, very fine lines
  • less product-consuming


Russian red sable hair

  • very elastic and stable
  • needle-fine tip
  • for fine details and precise work


black high-gloss lacquered, comfortable handles

Our house disposes of a long-standing experience and competence in the manufacture of artist brushes, based on the rich treasure of experience the brush factories in Nuremberg have had for many generations.
This special know-how has been cultivated and further developed in our factory since the end of the 19th century.
Skilled craftsmen guarantee carefully shaped products and many busy hands look after the perfect finish of all da Vinci Logo artist brushes.

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