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(100ml/3.4oz Eau de Parfum natural spray)

Le Deuxième Parfum is the second fragrance created by Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupré. 

Delicate yet mysterious, Le Deuxième Parfum is a sensory articulation of love.  Like a lover’s hand that gently brushes your skin, Le Deuxième Parfum embraces your senses, transcending the spiritual while awakening the physical. 

A gentle floral balance of seven essential oils — Peru balsam, Bergamot from Calabria, Tunisian Orange Flower Absolute, Ylang Ylang from Madagascar — activates Anahata, the Heart Chakra, an energy center nestled between the breasts along the central vertical axis of the spine.

When engaged, Anahata — Sanskrit for "unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten"— opens the body and soul to the radiating life energy of love. The heart blooms like a fragrant flower — a harmony of passion, devotion, and sensuality.

Like an alluring glance, le Deuxième Parfum is ethereal but potent, fusing the spiritual and the sensual in a tender embrace.

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Artists Carole Beaupre and Pauline Rochas met 17 years ago and discovered that they shared a love of design, fine art, music and photography. They are both perfectionist who share a refined taste, a wry sense of humor and a visual sensibility that centers on classic compositions and boundary-breaking concepts.

On the strength of that partnership, they founded their still life and beauty photography studio, COOLIFE, in 2000. Their clients have included Estee Lauder, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, Shiseido, Moet & Chandon amoung many other luxury brands.

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