Fresh Dew Cleanser by vendor Valmont



( 150 ML / 5.1 OZ )

When mixed with water, this pearly shower cream transforms into a delicate foam with an invigorating scent. Enriched with rose oil, does not dry out  skin and leaves a perfectly balanced hydrolipid film.


Mild Surfactants: Perfectly cleanses the skin while respecting the pH balance and the hydrolipic film 

Rose Oil: Nourishes the skin and ensures and anti-aging effet that to it high ontet (80%) of essential fatty acids


Your order of Valmont, Fresh Dew Cleanser will include free Shipping on orders of $150 or more. Remove dirt, makeup, and impurities from the skin and prep your face for your moisturizers and treatments with this selection of cleansers and toners.

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