09 - Yuzu Ab Irato by vendor Parfumerie Générale



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(100 ml / 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette natural spray)

"Ab Irato" : a fit or rage... The perfumer was disturbed while working on a bouquet of white flowers and dosing the citrus accord for the head note; in a fit of rage, he added a huge dose of the Yuzu japonica essential oil. Springing from a suave floral the fragrance develops into an aromatic floral citrus dominated by the precious essential oils of Yuzu and Corsican Myrtle.

Top notes: Yuzu japonica, spearmint, myrtle

Heart notes: Magnolia, jasmin hyacinth, hyssop

Base note: Musk

A calm, sensual freshness, somewhere between a Japanese garden and Mediterranean nature. A crystalline opening of a Yuzu japonica and Spearmint leaf accord that floods the fragrance with a vibrant sweetness.

A fresh, musky water with a concentration of 16%.

Creation: 2006

Pierre Guillaume is the young gun among France's top perfumers. PG stands for Pierre Guillaume and for Parfumerie Générale. A perfumer who accepts no limits, for whom the only matter that counts is artistic freedom. He masterfully reunited high-tech and ancient know-how. Poetry and frankness, numbers and sonorous titles circumscribe the unique fragrance collection of Pierre Guillaume.


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