Lait Concentré by vendor Chabaud


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(Eau de Toilette 100ml/3.4oz natural spray)

“Lait Concentré“ evokes a childhood memory that is connected to the popular and delicious condensed milk. This is not only often enjoyed in coffee, but is also used as an ingredient in all sorts of desserts and sweets. At the beginning of the fragrance we encounter bright milk notes, which remind us of the delicious concentrated milk, which the French confectioner Nicolas Appert invented in the first half of the 19th Century. The light and seemingly transparent fragrance continues with a slightly tart, unsweetened coconut and closes with restrained caramel notes. “Lait Concentré“ is fairylike, like a transparent veil, which merges smoothly with the skin, like a fl eeting memory that you can just hold on to with your fi ngertips - a delicious and ethereal eau de toilette.

Top Note: Milk
Heart Note: Coconut
Base Note: Caramel

The Inspiration
To experience childhood again, just for a moment, a pleasant game of make-believe is made possible by this fragrance “Lait Concentré“ which is a gift full of sweetness, comfort and recovered innocence.

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Chaubaud’s perfumes are a journey into the past - full of memories, dreams, secrets and sensuality. They were designed by Sophie Chabaud with poetry and elegance and the greatest care with the strictest selection of the best essences. The dedication of the brand for high quality products also means that  Chabaud  guarantees that all their products are 100% made in France. The glassware comes from traditional glass factories in Normandy, the candles are handmade in Provence and the fragrances created in Grasse, so that each element has its proven source.

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