Collonges-la-Rouge Elixir Oud by vendor Milèo



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(30ml/1.0 fl.oz)

Inspired by the French village known for its superior, red sandstone architecture, this deeply firming elixir restructures the delicate contours of the face by building new, stronger collagen in the skin.  Enhanced with French red narcissus, gardenia, and tuberose flowers, this smoothing oil tones the look of skin, and visibly corrects a sallow complexion in just a few drops. Ultra-pure white lupin seed increases stronger collagen production by 46%* in 3 days, remodeling skin’s elasticity and firmness. With use, skin regains the look of youth — appearing 91% firmer, 76% smoother, and 72% more redefined**.  Collonges-la-Rouge’s luscious red-cherry floral bouquets the senses with joy and delight.

Rich, velvety finish.

*In vitro evaluation type 1 collagen synthesis
**Clinical evaluation of 25 volunteers after 89 days


  • Thai Oud resin repairs, regenerates, and protects skin tissue from cellular damage

  • French Red Narcissus flower revitalizes skin’s collagen and elastin production

  • French White Lupine Seed makes new, stronger collagen and remodels the dermis

  • French Tuberose flower restores flexibility to glycated (cross-linked) collagen fibers for suppler skin.

  • Columbian Gardenia flower protects collagen & elastin fibers from UV damage.

  • Indian Amla fruit, nature’s most potent antioxidant, thickens skin’s density as it tones and tightens.

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