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(100ml/3.4oz Eau de Parfum)

Noble trees seem to have a spirit and a soul, an energy drawn from the Earth that radiates, comforts and protects. Oud develops within the heartwood of these trees, a process that can be compared to an oyster making a pearl. It happens rarely, very rarely - which is why oud is more costly than gold. Its perfume is uniquely rich, deep, strong and intense. It must be used carefully, and by very skilled perfumers, to be kept from overpowering the fragrance notes with which it is blended. OUD DU JOUR is a master's creation, where its many ingredients are seamlessly integrated with the rich oud into a magnificent, soft, and sunny perfume. It remains a beautiful and discreet companion all day long, without neither overwhelming nor disappearing.

Top notes: Pink pepper, Wild raspberry, Persian saffron

Heart notes: Olibanum, Rose absolute, Prune, Muguet du Bois

Base notes: Indonesian oud, Black amber, Patchouli, Gaiac


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The AMOUROUD fragrances are born out of a groundbreaking legacy. They are the evolution of the custom blending notions that won Perfumer’s Workshop recognition for its visionary concepts throughout these past forty-five years.
Shimmering and dreamy, provocative and dark, light and warm, AMOUROUD is a collection of olfactory memories, stories, real and imaginary. Transcribed with notes of flowers, woods, roots and herbs into perfumes that capture a primal place of serenity, joy and passion.

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