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Edwin Jagger

Chrome Razor, Shaving Brush & Bowl Stand

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$222.00 USD

The Edwin Jagger Chrome Razor, Shaving Brush & Bowl Stand brings all your shaving tools together in one convenient place. The detachable bowl is especially useful for creating a lather from your shaving soap, but can also function as a drip catcher when you have hung your shaving brush on the stand.

Stands like this look great in your bathroom but also mean that your brush and razor will dry quicker and are kept away from potentially unhygienic surfaces.

The stand is 143mm tall, the brush ring internal diameter is 32mm and the razor ring internal diameter is 14mm. Brushes that match these measurements are likely to fit, but please be aware that models outside of these sizes are not guaranteed to fit.

The stand comes with a gleaming chrome plating and is easy to clean and polish. Produced by Edwin Jagger in their Sheffield factory, you can be confident this is an item 'Made in the UK.'

  • Gleaming chrome plated stand
  • Made in Sheffield
  • Helps your razor and brush dry more quickly
  • Detachable bowl for lathering your soap and catching drips